How To Select The Proper Cleaner For You

Many times when homeowners are in need of cleaning services, they often look for the best deals, rates, discounts or specials that come along advertising to them. Most times the thing that is missed is the fact that these so called “good deals” come with certain conditions that they may not have noticed initially. Even worse is sometimes these discounted services are not very good quality. Think about it, if a company needs to advertise specials very often, it may mean that they are not able to get customers paying for their services at regular price, which may mean they do not offer very good results, so they resort to lower prices in attempt to lure in customers.

This is very common in many industries and especially the carpet cleaning market. So the question is, how do you know who to hire that provides exceptional results at a good price?

What must be met by these companies is certain levels of professionalism and also certification. They have to be prescribed these by trusted Institutes which sets the standards that must be met in order to achieve a reputation suited for customers. In most cases the top companies who carry a high reputation are normally members in these types of associations and groups.

With the goal to educate consumers and customers for the purpose of saving them from making the wrong choice of hiring, these trusted groups will sometimes give out a check list of rules to consider when looking for a company for your home. Some of the questions and topics to consider are:

Cost of the service

Sometimes if something sounds so good it can’t possibly be real, it may very well be possible that you are correct. Low prices are not always best, and can lead to hiring a lower rated company.

Quality of the service

The price and value of a service should always reflect the quality and end result. Good work should equal higher fair prices.


What and how are they advertising? Is it honest? Os it presented professionally?


Experience will most often beat mere knowledge or skill. If the skill has not yet properly been developed, it must be used and repeated many times in order to become an a true expert.

Appropriate certifications or license

Do they possess the right certificate and qualifications to perform the service?

Their process

How do they perform the job? Do they follow certain procedures and maintain the proper technique as stated within their industry? Are they meeting the standards set by the industry leaders and associations?

Their demeanour & attitude

How do they treat you on the phone, in person? Are they well behaved and act in a professional manner when providing you with information, quotes or answering your questions?

Now, there may not be a single way to go about choosing the right carpet cleaning company to hire. It may take a bit of time to gather the proper information to make an informed decision. But with these tips and short guidelines, it will make things a lot easier on you when starting out. It is also always a good idea to ask the people you know if they have experience with a company. More often than not, the best cleaner is not too far away, all it takes is a phone call to a friend that may just had their carpets cleaned by a great company. Referrals are important because it means that the business has a good reputation.

A recent consumer report was released of a Winnipeg carpet cleaning service that received well informed feedback regarding the quality work they do and how the staff treat their customers. If you’re in that area, give them a call.